If you've got some dead weight in your head, salvage it. If you can't salvage it, discard it.


the kitty has.. spoken?

the kitty has.. spoken?

when this world hunger thing is over with, everyone is going to forget about those starving children and get fat. then we’ll invent food that won’t ever make us fat. then aliens will introduce themselves to us just so they can laugh at us, and enslave us.

My way or the highway.

Anyone that openly represents either side has the same general point of view. In my experience, if I were to talk about anything that even sounds remotely like a Republican idea with a Democrat, they’d shoo me off, have nothing to do with me, and tell all their friends how much of a baffoon I am. Basically, butterflies need to be flying to discuss politics with a Democrat.

On the other hand, if I want to argue politics with a Republican, I know I better be in for a debate. They will sit there and try to convince you why their way is the right way, and if you don’t agree with them that day, they’ll just see you tomorrow. Either way, you’re wrong, but you still made a friend.

So whose side am I on? I don’t give a crap. My only goal when it comes to voting is to not only think about what’s right for me, but what’s right for everyone. I try to make the least possible bad decision that could effect more people negatively than I’d like.

I also base my vote on the character of the presidential candidates. I ask myself, “Now which one is going to make the most rational decisions in tough situations?” Not regarding policies, who is going to wield that position without resorting to vengeance first? I believe these are the most important questions everyone should ask themselves.

My take on the first presidential debate.

Romney: …. and that is my plan for America!

Obama: eh, uh, peh…. NUH UH!

Romney: Yeah huh!

Obama: NUH UH!.

Romney: UH HUH CAUSE …..

Obama: k.

don’t offend rich people. they’ve got enough money to buy their happiness back. like an oblivious beast who just discovered that food tastes good and never stops eating.

Hypothetically speaking, an alien fleet has landed on Earth. What happens next?

A. Hippies from around the world step on and tear each other apart to be the first one to give an alien a flower.

B. Of course they only land in America and the government seals off the area, and Barack Obama kneels before the lead ship and says, “I’ve long awaited your arrival master.”

or C. the same thing in A happens but with religious people who think it’s God.

This caustic tomb in which I sleep, till darkness falls and then I creep. Searching for a bloody feast. A neck in which to sink my teeth.

I follow you but you don’t know, hiding in the dark shadows. My cravings more than I can take, not one sound that I shall make.

I move in now to make my kill, to take a bite, and watch blood spill. I promise you will feel no pain, as I begin to drain your veins.

I thought I’d save some for a snack, you taste so good I can’t hold back. Drink you down to the last drop until your lifeless body flops.

Unto my tomb I shall return until the dawn of a new moon.

- Gabby Stewart


 Stunning photos of Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

Imagine a spot of night swimming at your local beach, only to have the shoreline and waves glow an ethereal blue at any sign of agitation. The images here are fromVaadhoo Island in the Maldives, a place where a concentrated population of bioluminescent phytoplankton exist, much to the delight of photographers who snapped these pictures. These concentrations are a field of study all to itself –potentially harmful, always stunning.

absolutely amazing.

constantly making fun of someone in hopes that they’ll bend to your will isn’t helping them, so doing it in hopes that they will change their ways will only make matters worse, and push them in the opposite direction of where you want them to go. if you think you’ve helped someone this way, maybe they just haven’t had enough doors available to them to escape sooner.